Basic Macrobiotics ~ So Simple Your Ancestors Could Eat It!

Basic Macrobiotics is about helping you learn how to restore and improve your health, lose weight if desired, and live a more simple, balanced, and harmoniously life.  

Through proper food choices, and appropriate fitness and lifestyle practices, you can improve the overall quality of every aspect of your life.

Basic Macrobiotics encompasses more than just a 'diet' in the way people have come to understand that four letter word.  Diet actually refers to a 'prescribed way of eating and living.'

We discuss the food, fitness, and the philosophy that promote being the healthiest, fittest, and most integrated and genuine version of you possible ~ as efficiently and simply as possible ~ with our very down to earth approach to living the practices of macrobiotics.

In order to help you initiate and sustain new, positive, healthy, and balanced diet and lifestyle changes, we believe it needs to be as simple and user-friendly as possible.

How much effort, energy, or time you choose to put into any of our practices is up to you ~ it all depends on your current needs and goals.

The macrobiotic diet is customizable to your unique needs.  It is not an "eat this, don't eat that" one-size-fits-all  approach to eating.

A macrobiotic diet has been around a long time.  So what makes us unique?

Many cultures through the centuries have eaten diets based on the principles of macrobiotics without necessarily calling their diet a macrobiotic diet.  The  populations that maintained good health had a few things in common.  It wasn't so much what they ate, but how.

As I wrote in The Macrobiotic Action Plan, a few of the earlier pioneers of the macrobiotic movement healed themselves from debilitating diseases by applying the practices of traditional Chinese medicine, specifically following the teachings of the Neijing, or Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine.

After the practice of macrobiotics was introduced to the West, it became known for being a diet that could heal advanced diseases such as cancer.  Over time, it developed a reputation for being too rigid or complicated.  It was seen as something that took a lot of time to prepare, and centered around lots of brown rice, vegetables, and miso soup.

While those foods are still prominently featured in what most macrobiotic teachers and counselors recommend, we don't necessarily believe you have to eat minuscule portions, and multi course meals ~ or contrarily ~ choke down huge bowls of rice every evening if that is not how you choose to make  the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle work for you.

Don't get me wrong.  Brown rice, vegetables, and miso soup are nutritious foods.  But, we take into account the fact that a few of the earlier pioneers of the macrobiotic movement came from Japan.  Rice and miso soup are traditional foods of their native diet.

One of the things that sets us apart – aside from being practitioners of Chinese medicine, and greatly broadening the scope of what can constitute a healthy, balanced, and basic macrobiotic diet – is our appreciation for simplicity.

We have simplified the underlying concepts and food prep because we believe macrobiotics can be used like a map to help guide your choices, for not only which foods to eat, and how to prepare them, but for other aspects of your life as well.  

We also emphasize choosing foods  that are the most harmonious to your own ancestral heritage.  Think peasant diet like your ancestors would have eaten, long before books were needed to describe which foods best contributed to human health.

If brown rice was not a staple food of your traditional ancestral diet, and you simply don't resonate with rice, (or are not from an area that is a big producer of rice), then we would have you focus on other foods that are more in accord with the traditional staple foods of your ancestry, or the region you live. 

Bottom line is that there is no one macrobiotic diet, just as there is no one vegan diet, paleo diet, or right way to eat for every individual. 

In Basic Macrobiotics, we share a philosophy that teaches how to eat natural foods, and live in accord with the earth's natural rhythms ~ according to YOUR unique and individual needs.  That is the basic foundation to the macrobiotic teachings.  It really is that simple, despite how complex some have made it.

When you live harmoniously to the natural rhythms of life, honor your roots, establish healthy familial bonds, and align your lifestyle congruently with your hearts' greatest desires, you gain the power and momentum required to transcend the struggles, pain and dis-ease that come from living disconnected from your roots, and in discord to your natural human qualities, and your spiritual purpose.  

Basic Macrobiotics focuses on FOOD, FITNESS, & PHILOSOPHY––our Macrobiotic Action Plan or MAP––which outlines diet and lifestyle choices and the spiritual principles to living a healthy, prosperous life.

We also empower and inspire a Macrobiotic Mindset ~ the ability to recognize personal imbalances, and therefore the realization that something needs adjusting.  The information on this website, and in our books, videos, and services provide the knowledge and tools to self-correct, and self-heal.

Having a Macrobiotic Mindset also means cultivating a positive outlook, and awareness of how your thoughts, judgements, and actions are influencing your outcomes.  

Wheat fields photo courtesy of Rawich at
"Farmer Transplant Rice Seedlings in Rice Field" Photo courtesy of Moggara12

The right diet and lifestyle practices, along with a positive Macrobiotic Mindset will best facilitate cultivation of natural human qualities, and your ability to reclaim sovereignty and dominion of your life.  


A macrobiotic diet is plant-based, but not necessarily vegan.

In The Food Section, you will learn which foods to choose for your personal time, budget and health needs, and what types of animal foods are recommended vs. minimized or avoided.

Basic Macrobiotics has shopping lists, meal plans, recipes,  videos of shopping hauls, and food reviews on this site, in our books,  and our YouTube channel.


Exercise is an important aspect of our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

If you really want to experience freedom, minimize pain, lose excess fat & weight, & age w/ dignity, you need a well functioning body.

The Fitness Section features videos and articles on body & weight strength training, interval training, intermittent fasting, and yoga for flexibility, coordination, & developing core awareness.  Some martial arts may also be discussed.


Macrobiotics is founded on principles.  

The principles are a way of viewing the world as it is, according to the Natural Order of the Universe.

The Philosophy Section includes daily life practices, meditation, guided visualizations, and educational materials to help you regain control of your mental- emotional states, and create a productive and meaningful life.

To learn more about following a macrobiotic diet, and the Macrobiotic Mindset, explore any of the links on our website in the Food, Fitness, & Philosophy Sections,  including the drop-down menus, or check out our Basic Macrobiotics Book Series,  videos on our Basic Macrobiotics YouTube channel, and the many articles we continue to post.  

Site map for Basic Macrobiotics includes:

The Food Section: 

  • How to set up your macrobiotic kitchen (Subscribe for a FREE copy of  Setting Up Your Macrobiotic Kitchen, 20 page e-book!  Part one focuses on Kitchen Essentials.)
  • How to stock your pantry (Part two of Setting Up Your Macrobiotic Kitchen FREE e-book covers produce and pantry staples.)
  • Details about which foods to eat
  • How to choose the foods that are best for your condition 
  • Meal plans 
  • Shopping lists
  • Food Reviews 

The Fitness Section 

The Philosophy Section:

The Recipe Section:

Be sure to bookmark this page, as we continue to add valuable content and recipes.  We also plan to create a member community to provide group macrobiotic counseling, coaching, and educational services as a very affordable alternative to private counseling and coaching which can be very pricy.  

Learn more about how to set up your macrobiotic kitchen, with recommended kitchen toys and equipment, and produce and pantry staples in How To Set Up Your Macrobiotic Kitchen, 20 page e-book ~ FREE when you subscribe to our newsletter!

We are also now offering How To Feel Great & Improve Your Health with a Macrobiotic Diet, 113 page e-book, for only a $1+ minimum donation for a limited time! (reg. $7.95.)  Pay only $1 (or more if you feel inclined ~ every little bit extra is greatly appreciated, but not necessary.)

Our educational materials include written and video formats, with MP4 audio guided visualizations in the near future.

The Basic Macrobiotics Site is intended to be a user-friendly resource for helping you discover the most natural ways to improve your mental, emotional, and physical fitness, whether on your own by watching our videos, and reading our articles and books, joining our members group once it is established, or by contacting us for a private macrobiotic/Chinese medical consultation.

Our Macrobiotic Action Plan, or MAP teaches the foundations for establishing stable and thriving health, and a Macrobiotic Mindset.  

Here are some highlights you can expect:

  • Educational content to help you learn how to successfully implement a healthy macrobiotic diet, lose weight, regain health, feel energized, and break free from limiting ruts
  • Support to realize your health and personal/life goals, and live a truly great life
  • Practices for cultivating a Macrobiotic Mindset
  • Yoga, meditation and calisthenics instruction and videos 
  • Recipes, cooking tips, and more

Private macrobiotic counseling services are also available.  

The traditional values of our ancestors helped foster healthy families, which led to healthier communities.  We've strayed from a more natural and orderly way of living, and we are all paying the consequences with diminished health, and all that is of true value in life.

Don and Tracy welcome you here, and look forward to connecting with you, and hearing your questions and feedback.

Be sure to bookmark and return often as we continue to add more great content.  

All photos on this site are copyright of Tracy Minton and Don Matesz, unless otherwise noted.

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Trees along the lakefront in Chicago.  Photo copyright of Barbara Pederson, 2015

Ready to learn more about the FOOD, FITNESS, & PHILOSOPHY of Basic Macrobiotics?

Our vision is to empower individuals with useful tools, education, and inspiration to restore physical, mental, and emotional vibrancy, clarity, balance and well-being.  

We teach how to elevate your judgement, which leads to better choices, and therefore better outcomes.  

And for those with the greatest level of determination to experience personal freedom, we inspire and teach how to cultivate a Macrobiotic Mindset to help you Realize your True Potential, share your gifts, and help co-create a better world.  

Our Basic Macrobiotics Books Series:

Book 1:  Essential Macrobiotics, The Universal Way of Self-Realization

Book 2:  The Macrobiotic Action Plan, Your MAP to Greater Health & Happiness

Book 3:  Basic Macrobiotic Menus & Recipes ~ Simple, Natural, Beautiful Food to Balance Body & Mind

Book 4:  Intermittent Fasting, For Health, Fitness & Macrobiotics

E-book: How To Feel Great & Improve Your Health with a Macrobiotic Diet

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