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Basic Macrobiotics is about helping you create nothing short of your healthiest and happiest life.  

Many cultures through the centuries have eaten diets based on the principles of macrobiotics without necessarily calling their diet a macrobiotic diet.  The  populations that have maintained good health have a few things in common.  One of the primary customs of successful populations is centering their diet around principal foods.  Our modern Western diet has strayed from our understanding of the importance of having principal and secondary foods guiding our selections at meal times.  Basic Macrobiotics is our Macrobiotic Action Plan ~ MAP ~ to achieving optimal health and vitality, whatever your health goals may be.

In Basic Macrobiotics, we share a philosophy that teaches us how to live in accord with the natural order of the Universe, sometimes called the Tao (pronounced Dow) or Way of Nature.  

When you live harmoniously to the natural rhythms of life, in congruence to your ability to fulfill your hearts' greatest desires, you gain the power and momentum required to transcend the struggles, pain and dis-ease that come from living in discord to your natural human qualities, and your spiritual purpose.  

Japanese Garden photo courtesy of Wiki Commons

How do we know which are the best foods to eat, and lifestyle practices to follow to help us best thrive?  

We all know that plants need certain raw materials in order to grow and flourish ~ sun, water, air and soil.   We are aware that our cars need oil and other fluids  to function at their peak.  Animals seem to know what they need to do to take care of themselves, given the opportunity.  

Why, then, does it seem so difficult for us humans to figure out what it takes to be well, and enjoy vibrant energy and health?

There are many conflicting views on this topic.  Countless books and blogs tell you which foods to eat, which to avoid, which foods are 'clean' and how to not eat foods that contain sugars, gluten, soy, dairy, sodium, fat, or whatever the author believes are the worst of the current popular dietary sins, or more precisely, scapegoats.  

Our Basic Macrobiotics MAP shows you how to customize your diet based on your particular needs.  This will vary depending upon your current condition, your underlying constitution, your energetic needs, and your geographical location.

By applying an understanding of our basic physiology along with historical and modern evidence (which Don covers in great depth in Powered by Plants: Natural Selection & Human Evolution)~ what emerges is a clear picture of the activities, lifestyle choices, and behaviors that best support and empower our ability as modern humans to live healthy, happy lives, despite the seeming chaos and challenges we collectively face.

"Farmer Transplant Rice Seedlings in Rice Field" Photo courtesy of Moggara12 FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Our Basic Macrobiotics Diet is a produce-rich, plant-based diet.  We personally choose to eat an entirely vegan macrobiotic diet, however, macrobiotic diets are traditionally plant-based.  Not all people eating a macrobiotic diet are eating a vegan diet.  We focus on the principles of macrobiotics which translates to 'big' or 'great life.'  These principles teach us that there is a certain orderliness to the universe, and when we learn to live a more orderly life ~ in sync with the natural cycles that governs the entire planet ~ our health and the quality of our lives greatly improves.

Basic Macrobiotics focuses on FOOD, FITNESS, & PHILOSOPHY––our Macrobiotic Action Plan––which outlines diet and lifestyle choices and the spiritual principles to living a healthy, prosperous life.

The right diet and lifestyle practices, along with a positive mindset will best facilitate the miraculously engineered human body to maintain health, despite how much we seem to challenge ourselves ~ wittingly or not ~ on a daily basis.

Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons

Chicago lakefront, photo copyright of Tracy Minton, 2015

The first step we can take towards living a more natural life, and improving our health ~ and that of the air, water, earth and soil ~ is to eat a variety of natural foods, in an orderly way, using a variety of cooking methods.  

This builds a solid foundation of stability on a cellular level.  As they say in macrobiotics, "Your biology becomes your psychology."

When we lack in the appropriate raw materials, and eat and live in a disorderly manner, our natural homeostasis and blood sugar balance is thrown off.

Without a solid foundation in our cellular structures, all of our glands and organs work over time which impacts our sense of physical, mental and emotional stability and ability to deal with the ongoing stresses and challenges of life.

Wheat fields photo courtesy of Rawich at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Basic Macrobiotics includes many resources to help you improve your physical and mental balance and well-being, while also exploring and improving other areas of your home, relationships, self-expression and natural environment.  

Click on the various links in the Navigation for more about specific topics, including meditation and mindful-ness  (Tune-IN), yoga and calisthenics (Tone-UP), clutter and space clearing (Clean-UP), getting out in nature (Connect) which also includes establishing meaningful and supportive connections with others.  

The (Veganize) section has all you need to get started with a healthy, balanced, vegan diet with nutritional information, simple balanced meals, delicious recipes, and how to craft a diet that is most balancing to your personal needs and current condition

Be sure to bookmark this page, as we continue to add valuable content and recipes.  We also plan to create a member community to provide group macrobiotic counseling, coaching, and educational services as a very affordable alternative to private counseling and coaching which can be very pricy.  Our educational material will include written and video formats, and will help teach our Macrobiotic Action Plan, or MAP that is the foundation for our Basic Macrobiotics Principles & Practices for Health & Prosperity.  Here are some highlights you can expect:

  • Educational content to help you learn how to successfully implement a healthy macrobiotic diet, lose weight, regain health, feel energized, and break free from limiting ruts
  • Support to realize your health and personal/life goals, and live a truly great life
  • yoga, meditation and calisthenics training videos as well.
  • Recipes, cooking tips, and more

Private macrobiotic counseling services will also be available.  As of July 2016, we are near completion of our Basic Macrobiotics Books 1-4 book series which includes:

Book 1:  The Principles & Practices For Health & Prosperity

Book 2:  The Macrobiotic Action Plan (MAP)

Book 3:  Menus & Recipes

Book 4:  Intermittent Fasting

Macrobiotics uniquely addresses the whole of our lives, not just dietary choices.  Living a happy and healthy life also mean knowing when to slow down, tune-in, move our bodies, connect with nature, prioritize fun, and get the toxins out of our lives ~ whether in the form of toxic food and chemicals, or mental and physical clutter that drags our energy down."

Trees along the Rogers Park, Chicago lakefront

Trees along the lakefront in Chicago.  Photo copyright of Barbara Pederson, 2015

Be sure to check out our other books, Make Every Bite Count, Elevate Your Choices, Lose Weight and Feel Great ~ The SASSY ~ Super Affordable, Simple, Satisfying & Yummy Plant-Based Way to Health,  by Tracy Minton filled with over 100 recipes, tips, meal plans and color photos to implement a basic, simple and healthy plant-based, vegan diet; and Powered by Plantsby Don Matesz as well, along with our favorite kitchen toys and other specialty food and beverage recommendations for all you need to get started eating a healthy macrobiotic diet in our Minton Macrobiotic Store.

You can also subscribe to us on our Basic Macrobiotics (formerly Vegan Great Life)  Google Plus page and  YouTube channel to receive all the latest videos as they are published.  We have over 300 videos, and many play lists all filled with great evidence-based nutritional research, philosophical ideals, and simple recipes, shopping hauls, product reviews, and much more.

The traditional agrarian values of our ancestors helped foster healthy families, which led to healthier communities.  We've strayed from this natural and orderly way of living, and we are all paying the consequences with poor health, depression, and degeneration of all that is of true value in life.  Our greatest resources are ourselves when we return to a more harmonious and peaceful coexistence with all of life.  This is the essence and spirit behind creating Vegan Great Life.  

Don and Tracy welcome you here, and look forward to connecting with you, hearing your questions and feedback, while providing a lot of well researched material here and on our Vegan Great Life YouTube channel.  Be sure to bookmark and return often as we continue to add more great content.  

Ready to learn more about the FOOD, FITNESS, & PHILOSOPHY of Basic Macrobiotics?

Our vision is to empower individuals with useful tools, education, and inspiration to restore physical, mental, and emotional vibrancy, clarity, balance and well-being.  We teach how to elevate your judgement, which leads to better choices, and therefore better outcomes.  And for those with the greatest level of determination to experience personal freedom, we offer the opportunity to awaken to the fullness of your True Essence and Spirit, shine your light, share your gifts, and help co-create a better world for all.  

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